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Monday, December 7, 2009

Watch out Carrie

Austin and Lucas love this song. They crack me up when they sing it. I hope it does the same to you. Enjoy!!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Lucas' Birthday. 3 really, already?

Jason's parents were at our house this weekend for Dallin's blessing so we decided to celebrate Lucas' birthday a little early so they could be here. This is his special cake from my uncle. Lucas loves Spiderman. Can ya tell?

This is the action shot. There was only a little bit of spit on the cake.
I totally love watching my kids get truly excited. Being a mom is great. I can't wait until Christmas.

So I have a funny story about Luke. About a week ago we were sitting in our basement hanging out, when Luke started to pull his pants down. So I asked if he needed to go to the bathroom. He said emphatically, "NO". I was telling him to pull up his pants and trying to explain that we don't just go around pulling our pants down. By this point he was bent over grabbing his bum. He looked like Jim Carrey in Ace Ventura. Jason and I were trying not to laugh. I asked him what he was doing. He said "I am looking for my dice" Why was he looking in his pants you may ask? Well he loves pockets. And he loves filling his pockets. But he was wearing sweats, and his sweats don't have pockets so he put it inside his pants. When he went to get it, it was gone, but where could it be? So he started looking. Jason was able to show him that it had fallen down by his feet where the elastic trapped it. We had a good laugh.

Dallin's Blessing

Dallin's Blessing was today. He is such a good baby. There was no crying and a couple of people even said they saw him smile when Jason held him up to "show" him off to the ward members.

Austin is a very proud big brother.

The blanket that Dallin is on is his great grandma's. She used it in the blessing of all of her children, they have used it with most of her grandchildren's blessings, and so far it has been used by all of her great grandchildren.