Joshua Dale Crawford Aug. 26, 1989 - Apr. 21, 2010

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Where have we been?

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! And for that matter, Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas too, since we seem to have missed the second half of November, all of December, and the first half of January. Boy has life been crazy. Let’s get started with some updates.

First of all, big thanks to our dear friend Myr for taking our plain old blog and jazzing it up for us. She’s so creative! Great job Myr. Now it’ll not only be an adventure for all of our friends to log in and see what’s going on, but for us as well.

Second, and partial explanation for the long hiatus, we’ve sold our condo in Kent. YEAH!!!!!! Or as Austin would once say, “Phew, Finally.” Actually it didn’t take that long really. Once we were on the market, we got an offer after 3 days. So it went quickly, but still takes some time to wrap everything up. So here’s what the wrap up process consisted of:

1. Oct. 31st (Yes, Halloween night) – We decided we were done with the condo and our Association. We’d just had enough and it was getting to be time to have a yard for the boys to run around in anyway.

2. All of November – We got ourselves a real estate agent and told her our plans. We started first by finding the house we wanted to buy. This we accomplished near the end of Nov. so our offer went in. Something went haywire in our brains though and we didn’t make our offer contingent on the sale of our condo b/c we really wanted this house. A day or two later we were informed that the seller had accepted our offer. Inspection on the place was great. It’s all but officially ours at this point. Seller just has a few legal things to wrap up on their end. Now we were really scared.

3. Early December – With the house we wanted secured, but not closed upon, we set our sites to selling the condo. Our agent wanted us out so she could use some of our stuff and some of her stuff to professionally stage it for showing. We got a storage unit and moved about half our stuff into it, at the discretion of our agent. Then, Dec. 3rd, Angie and the boys moved out of the condo and into my parent’s house down in Longview, WA (about a 2 hours drive from Kent). I alone remained in the condo because I’m almost never there anyway. By Friday, Dec. 7th, our condo was on the market to be sold.

4. Dec. 11th or 12th – I can’t remember which day it was, but we got an offer on the condo. It was way low so we countered and dropped our price just a little bit, and they accepted our counter-offer. Inspection went well on the condo as well, we touched up a few minor things, but that was all good. Then the Holidays hit and everything came to a standstill. I went down and joined my family at my family’s (I hope you followed that) and had a great Christmas and New Year. As the condo was all but closed, Angie and the boys accompanied me back home to get the rest of our stuff packed up. But where would we be moving it to?

5. Jan. 11th – We were informed that the target close date for the condo was the 11th and we would have to be out by 9 PM that night. No word yet from the seller of our house though so off we went to get another storage unit (by “we” I mean Angie took care of this while I was playing around at work all day). “We” packed up the rest of our stuff and with the help of my parents loaded it all into the second storage unit. By Jan. 7th Angie once again trooped off with the boys and moved in with my parents. I remained in the condo until the morning of the 11th, and spent my time at home running the rest of our stuff over to storage and making sure nothing was left. When I closed up shop to go to work that morning, we were officially done. Lock the door, leave the key, and drive away forever.

6. Today – And this is the situation we find ourselves in today, homeless, basically. Still no word from the seller of our home, although things are getting closer all the time. Angie and the boys are still with my parents in Longview. I’m staying with Angie’s uncle in Renton. We’re just one big happy family…living 2 hours apart!

We hope to be in our new home by the end of the month though, so shouldn’t have too much longer to wait. The killer is that I haven’t even been able to go down on weekends to visit because it’s year-end at work and I’ve been working every Saturday. Since I can’t go on Saturday, I figure I may as well stay and perform my Sunday duties too. And such is our life these days.

Soon we’ll be in the new house, and have lots of fun stuff to blog about. Until then, I just want to point out, that although our boys may not have any clothes, please take note that they are standing at the TV watching Jeopardy! They’re perhaps the smartest little nudists around.