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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Anyone Have a Spare Ark?

You ever get to the point where you have so many emails in your inbox that you just delete them all and resolve to do better? Is that called email critical mass? Well, as you all know, I have a bad case of blog critical mass. It’s just too much to try to really go back and catch up on. So you all get the following update on the past 2 months of our lives:

Austin turned 4 – Happy Birthday!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Luke turned 2 – Happy Birthday!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Happy Birthday Myr!

Happy Birthday to Me!

See, you didn’t miss much. And now we’re back to today, or rather last night, which prompted the post today. Seriously, does anyone out there have an extra Ark your not using? We could use one in our house.

By my calculations we pumped out 1,260 gallons of water from our basement last night between the hours of 5 PM and 3 AM. And, as you all know, when I say “we” I really mean Angie. She’s amazing. I had a late night at work last night and didn’t get home until 10 PM. By then she had been sucking up water for 5 hours while watching the boys and cooking dinner for them, only taking a break to call a friend to see if we could borrow their shop-vac to use in conjuction with ours. Again, have I told you she’s amazing?

We had our 14 gallon shop-vac and our friends 20 gallon shop-vac running constantly from 7 PM to about 1:30 AM. That’s when it stopped raining (FINALLY) and we were able to keep up with just the one shop-vac running. From 5 PM to 1:30 AM each shop-vac took 5 minutes to fill up and it took us about 1 minute to empty it outside down our driveway. Thus, we were making 10 trips an hour with both shop-vacs and still just maintaining with the incoming water. We knew immediately when it stopped raining because we didn’t get wet when we went outside (ha ha – that was a joke if you didn’t catch it). But honestly, we could tell when it stopped raining because we finally started making progress on the water. Over the next hour and a half the seepage slowed dramatically, until finally the last bucket took 25 minutes to fill and after another 20 minutes there was no visible puddle of water under our stairs. So at 3 AM we finally called it quits and went to bed.

Cross your fingers, knock on wood, say Hail Mary’s, whatever it is you do, we need no rain for a while. We have 2 spots along the edge where the basement floor meets the wall in the unfinished portion of our basement that allow seepage to come up. The one in the back of the house isn’t too bad, a slow trickle that if left unchecked will produce a decent sized puddle overnight. The one in the front of the house, just under our stairs at the front door, is like a lake. When we’d shut off the shop-vacs to empty them, you could sit there and literally watch the water level rise in seconds. It seeps in along an 8 foot section of wall right in that area. There’s not just one noticeable spot that clearly lets the water in, it just kind of oozes inside all along that section.

So there you have it. By the way, the boys were awake that entire time. With two shop-vacs running there was no way they were going to sleep. They were wide awake eating ice cream at 2 AM watching Kung Fu Panda and loving it. Of course they had to sit in the bean bag directly in front of the TV with the volume cranked way up to even hear the movie.

Now, about that Ark. Anyone?