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Monday, August 4, 2008

6th Anniversary!

We celebrated our 6th Anniversary this weekend, yesterday to be exact. Six years it’s been already. Holy Cow, where does the time go? In six years we’ve lived in five places (Provo downstairs apt., Provo upstairs apt., Renton apt., Kent condo, and Kent house), I’ve had 5 different positions within the same company (salesperson, client support rep., billing specialist, accounting specialist, and now payroll specialist), Angie’s been gainfully employed as a hotel front desk clerk, junior college assistant softball coach (they took 2nd in the nation), junior college head softball coach, Division 1 head softball coach, and substitute teacher in no less than three different school districts. She’s also been woefully underpaid at home as a wife, mother, gourmet chef (most of the time), not-so-gourmet chef (only occassionally), chauffeur, maid, nurse, therapist, and no doubt countless other things that escape me for now. One thing she’s definitely mastered is hand washing dishes. Of the six years we’ve been married we’ve had a functional dishwasher in our place of residence for approximately two years, and we are back to not having one in the home we just bought. A kitchen remodeling is in the cards, but we’re not sure when that’ll be as more important on the list right now is new windows for the entire house. Kitchen may have to wait a while.

We’ve had no more and no less than two amazing little boys during this time. Austin in 3 ½ and has been the subject of probably 99% of the posts on our blog, so you know all about him if you’ve been following us for any length of time. Lucas is 1 ½ and is starting to talk a lot more now, so he’ll no doubt be providing plenty of blog fodder shortly. We are continually amazed by the things our boys do and say, the hugging, kissing nice times, and more often than not the no holds barred hand to hand combat.

We celebrated this weekend with a little mini vacation with my parents. Originally we were supposed to head off to Long Beach, where my mom’s friend has a cabin we were going to stay at. We were set with substitutes for our Sunday classes and everything. However, the cabin fell through so mom and dad just decided to come stay at our house for the weekend. They insisted that vacation rules applied though, so there was absolutely no cooking at home allowed. We went out for every meal. It’s been a long time since we’ve been out for breakfast, perhaps even it was the first time for us come to think of it. On Saturday we hit the “Speed” exhibit at the Pacific Science Center. I must say I was actually a bit disappointed really. It was alright, but nothing great I thought. But it did serve it’s purpose, as Austin absolutely loved it (he’s got the gash and bruise above his right eye to prove it)! On Sunday (our actual anniversary date) we hit the Mariners game, which is always a good time. It was Dave Niehaus day, he’s been the Mariner’s broadcaster since the organization started, and he’s the 2008 winner of the Ford C. Frick Award, recognizing excellence in baseball broadcasting, and results in his entrance into the baseball Hall of Fame, the first Seattle Mariner to be inducted. We all got collectible bobbleheads, which I must say are quite heavy and very well made. None of this crappy free give-away plastic junk. At any rate, free bobbleheads, free showing of the Navy’s Blue Angels (in town for Seattle’s SeaFair), who flew over the stadium a couple times during the game, and the M’s actually won, a rarity this season for sure, it was just a great overall day.

Alas, the weekend, as all good things, came to an end. Grandma and Grandpa returned home Sunday evening, I’m back here at work now, joy of all joys, and the boys, well one of them always has to be sick else all things would not be right in the universe. Luke is headed to the doctor’s today as he’s not been feeling well the past couple of days and the glands in his neck are visibly swollen. By visibly I mean you can see them from across the room, not simply upon close inspection. Hopefully we can get him feeling better before we head to UT in T-Minus 9 days and counting.